"After my husband's catastrophic accident, I was overwhelmed by the vast number of rehabilitation details I was confronted with on his behalf. Thankfully our lawyer put us into the capable hands of Dianne M. Taylor & Associates Inc. Our case manager looked after everything with patience, kindness and extraordinary professionalism. We would have been lost without her."

Brigitte B.


"In mid 2012 my husband was in a vehicle accident and suffered significant physical limb/facial fractures and a brain injury. The initial medical prognosis was poor, with the major concerns being his physical constraints and the broad cognitive issues associated with his Catastrophic Acquired Brain Injury (ABI). A Case Manager from Dianne M. Taylor & Associates Inc. was immediately assigned to his file and quickly co-ordinated a full team of professional therapists to direct and coach him through the challenging rehabilitation process. Our Case Manager was a pleasure to deal with and worked closely with us every step of the way. Although his rehabilitation process is ongoing, I shudder to think where our family would be today if not for the guidance, support and encouragement that she provided us all. "

Loretta S.


"I worked with a Case Manager from Dianne M Taylor & Associates Inc. for 7 years. In those years she coordinated a fabulous team of OTs, PTs and other very exceptional professionals that supported me during my years of therapy after a catastrophic car accident. My Case Manager was very compassionate and caring individual. She would call me often to ensure that I was doing well in all aspects of my life and recovery. She was always available to make suggestions for my care and well being. She helped my journey through recovery and settlement easier. Thank you!"

Tina M.


"Close to 17 yrs ago our 18 yr old son was planning to go off to university but was in a terrible car accident. After 6 weeks at Sunnybrook we went to Toronto Rehab. We were certainly taking each day as it came as were facing many things we never thought we would be going through. We had great family and friends offering support, but again we were all facing this not really knowing what to expect. I received a call saying our Case Manager would be meeting with us. What's a case manager? Why do we need one? Then we met her and she became our life line! Not only was she there every step of the way for our son overseeing his care, she became my voice of reason.

Every turn, which there were many she was there with a solution. Our Case Manager at Dianne M. Taylor & Associates Inc. is very professional and compassionate, truly an asset to have working for you. I would highly recommend Dianne M. Taylor & Associates Inc for any team!"

Belfry Family, Peterborough ON